Health Care for ECD
Strengthening nurturing care through health and nutrition services: What can managers and practitioners do?

Join us for the regional launch of the Nurturing Care Practice Guide developed by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. This Practice Guide is the latest in a series of resources to support implementation of the Nurturing Care Framework.

This webinar includes an overview of the Nurturing Care Practice Guide as well as reflections on how the Practice Guide can be used by managers and practitioners to strengthen caregiver well-being and caregivers’ capacities to provide their children nurturing care.

This webinar is organized by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the International Step by Step Association under the auspices of the Health Systems for Early Childhood Development initiative

What is the Nurturing Care Practice Guide? This Guide addresses the important question we’ve all been asking ourselves. We know responsive caregiving, opportunities for early learning, safety and security, and caregiver well-being all need more attention in health and nutrition services. But how can we help managers and service providers to do this? The Guide responds to this question. Intended to be used as a complement to existing training packages, it provides the rationale for giving greater attention to these four components; describes what managers can do to prepare services and better equip service providers; and includes practical suggestions for what service providers can do as part of their ongoing contacts with families. The Guide is available as a complete document, by section, or by service type.

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