Health Care for ECD
Harnessing the power of home

In 2021 UNICEF ECARO, WHO Regional Office for Europe, and the International Step by Step Association (ISSA) joined efforts to launch Health Systems for Early Child Development initiative, to accelerate efforts in Europe and Central Asia to build more “developmentally oriented” and family-centered health systems and services empowering caregivers to provide children with nurturing care – a safe and enabling environment that ensures good health and nutrition, protects them from threats, offers opportunities for early learning and encourages responsive and emotionally supportive interactions with parents and caregivers. The Initiative will curate and share contemporary, evidence-based guidance, resources, and examples of recommended practices; create and nurture a learning community, and advocate for the change of policies and practices.   

This webinar is the first in series of knowledge sharing events under the initiative and is   focused on home visiting for young children and families and how it is employed across the region. If you are Government official, policy and program planner, UNICEF and WHO country specialist, expert in home visiting, trainer or educator join us for this webinar to:   

  • Learn about new evidence, policies, guidance showcasing the importance and potential of home visiting for early childhood development  
  • Hear from policy makers from two countries in the region and learn about their motivation to make changes in the health system to endorse and scale up high-quality home visiting programs and approaches.    
  • Hear testimonies from frontline workers, experts and parents about the benefits of home visiting.  
  • Get inspired by newly developed practices illustrating the potential of home visiting to enhance support for parents to provide nurturing care.  
  • Learn about the Health Systems for Early Child Development initiative, the soon to launch website, the initiative’s events and how you can benefit by getting engaged with this budding community.  

Watch this webinar.