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Parenting support for the mental health and wellbeing of children and parents | webinar
Supporting the mental health of parents is crucial for the optimal development of their children. Parents play a critical role in shaping their children's cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. When parents experience mental health problems, it can impact their ability to provide the nurturing and supportive environment that children need to thrive. Providing adequate support and treatment for parents can help reduce the negative impact of mental health issues on the entire family, leading to better outcomes for children's development and well-being. 

On July 4th, join us for a webinar exploring ways in which we can support parental mental health and parenting skills to ensure optimal parent-child interactions that promote children's development. Additionally, the webinar will discuss strategies for promoting mental health in early childhood, as well as presenting UNICEF's vision for enhancing parenting. This includes the pyramid of parenting support and the three elements of support for parenting.

This webinar is organized by UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (ECARO), WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe), and the International Step by Step Association (ISSA) under the auspices of the Health Systems for Early Childhood Development initiative. 

This event will be hosted in English with simultaneous interpretation in Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian and Russian.

Download the webinar concept note in: EnglishBosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian; Russian.